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How do I run a live auction/auctioneer-led auction

Last updated:
November 8, 2023

In Items, create a new item, select Locked Item as the item type.

By default, a Locked item will be for display purposes only. Participants will not be able to bid on it. To enable pre-bidding, i.e. accept bids before the auctioneer starts the live auction, check the enable pre-bidding box. Use the item lock message feature to inform bidders when bidding online will close and when and where the live auction will take place.

Remember to uncheck the pre-bidding box before the auctioneer begins. (If not, participants will be able to bid on the item online and when the online auction closes the highest pre-bid will be counted as the winning bid for the item.)

Advise the auctioneer on the details of the highest pre-bid.

To see this process in action watch this short video.

See below for more information on how to enter a winning bid placed in a live auction and how to enter payments for winning bids on Locked Items. Payment can be taken on locked items while the silent auction is open or closed.  

To take payment via GalaBid on a Locked item a Volunteer Account is required. See below for a video and text instructions.

Note that you may need to upgrade your GalaBid campaign to access Volunteer accounts.

Entering a Bid and Taking Payment on a Locked Item

Volunteer Account Set Up

  1. To set up a Volunteer account go to Participants > Volunteers. Click Add Volunteer. Add a name for the Volunteer account.
  2. Uncheck the Verification Box if you wish to cancel the requirement for participants to verify their phone number or email address when they are registered by a volunteer account.
  3. Next, visit the link to the volunteer account on the device you wish to use to take the payment (perhaps a tablet). Enter the passcode for the Volunteer account to Login. The passcode is found next to the Volunteer Account url in Participants > Volunteers

Entering a Bid

  1. Once logged into to the Volunteer account open the locked item you wish to take payment on.
  2. Enter the winning bid amount.
  3. Next you will be prompted to select the name of the winning bidder. The name will be listed only if the winner has already registered to the campaign. If necessary, click to register the winner (the link is found above the list of participants).
  4. Then, choose either Pay Now or Pay Later.
  5. To process the payment immediately, select Online Card payment and enter the winner's card details to complete the payment.
  6. If you choose Pay later the amount will be added to the participant's invoice. When the silent auction closes the participant will be invited to pay at the same time as the silent auction winners. (If the silent auction has already closed send a payment reminder to the participant by searching their name in the Checkout Console and clicking Send Payment Reminder)

Video Tutorial - Entering a Bid and Taking Payment on a Locked Item

For a full overview of how to set up and login to a Volunteer account and the functions available within it watch this video. Skip to 2:24 on the video for the explanation on how to enter bids and take payments on locked items.