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How do I run a live auction/auctioneer-led auction with live item types?

Last updated:
May 27, 2024

Step by Step Guide

1. Create a live item for each live auction item. Each locked item is display only by default.

2. If you would like bidders to bid online before the auctioneer takes over set up pre-bidding and remember to uncheck the pre-bidding before the auctioneer begins.

If not, participants will be able to bid on the item online. Note that Pre-bids are never counted as winning bids. See below for how to enter a winning bid on a live item after the item has sold in the room.

3. Uncheck pre-bidding on each live item. To uncheck pre-bidding on multiple items quickly use bulk update

4. Advise the auctioneer on the details of the highest pre-bid on each live auction item.

5. Run your live auction in the room.

6. Have a Volunteer account set up. Note that you may need to upgrade your GalaBid account to set up Volunteer Accounts.

7. Use a Volunteer account(s) to enter winning bids placed in a live auction and either take payment immediately or add each winning bid to the winner's invoice on GalaBid. Tip: You can enter multiple winners on the same live auction item.

Note that payment on live items can be taken while the silent auction is open or closed.